Credit Cards From Stores

It is very common to enter a large network store and, just at the entrance or in the box, be approached by the employee offering the store’s own credit card. Yes, there are stores that offer their own credit card with several advantages to carry out their purchases. At that time the question is always

Who Are The Women Who Borrow Alone?

In 2017, one-third of home loans were taken by single women. French women are particularly active in the old real estate market.   Single women no longer hesitate to buy real estate Buying a property is an important step in a couple’s life. By accessing the property, the household plans for the future but also

Learning to use your first credit card

Victor received his first easy credit card , happy and proud. He soon looked for his friend Alejandro the Writer, to tell him about his new acquisition, and that he would pay for the next beer with his new card, with an air of prestige and luxury. “Look how good, Writer… The Bank deposited RD

Cheap Loan Insurance: Assure a Real Estate Loan

   Real estate loan insurance Banks require borrowers to take out loan insurance to provide a home loan. It allows the assumption of repayment of the loan by the insurer in case of default of repayment of the borrower following an accident or illness. The group contract: insurance not adapted to borrowers Bank insurance is