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The development of modern technologies has meant that I have many more opportunities to multiply our money. Once, when we had any financial surpluses, we usually made deposits in the bank, because the ordinary “gray” man did not have access to other investment instruments. The appearance of the Internet has changed everything. Thanks to it, virtually anyone can invest on the Stock Exchange, or trade currencies. Recently, a new investment instrument that practically everyone can use is binary options . In a nutshell, they rely on the fact that we have to predict (speculate) that in a certain time the value of some assets will decrease or increase. Usually, we anticipate the value of shares, precious metal currencies, etc.

How it’s working? Here is an example. Suppose that when we start the “order”, the price of the euro against the dollar is 1.07. We can decide whether in 15 minutes the value of the euro will increase or not. If we accept that yes and the value will actually increase (even by the minimum value) – we win , but if the price falls, the invested funds are lost. We can also decide the opposite, that is, assume that the value of the euro will fall. If it really happens – we win, if not, we lose our funds.

Opinions whether it is worth investing in binary options are very divided. For sure thanks to them you can earn a lot of money and it is a relatively low cost. It is enough to invest even a small sum and thanks to the right decision, systematically increase your assets. What’s more, we can do it quickly. As options often last only a few minutes, 60-second options are very popular. We can also achieve a good profit even in one day. A big plus of this investment instrument is also the fact that we can multiply funds at any time of the day or night. In addition, we can do it without leaving your home, because all transactions are carried out via the Internet.


However, binary options are certainly a huge risk. For we are never sure how the given act will behave. And even if we had a lot of knowledge about finances and great experience in this respect, something could happen that would make our predictions wrong.

Is it worth investing your money in this way? You can definitely consider this alternative. But we have to realize that the risk is very high here, so we can lose our money quickly. However, when we predict everything well, the resources on our account can grow very fast.

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By drawing a long-term loan, we can never be sure how our financial situation will look like in a few years. Usually, the repayment date of our loan, especially when it comes to a mortgage, depends on the amount of installments. For we have to pay back the installments that we simply can afford. And in turn, it depends on our creditworthiness, which also the bank will analyze carefully. If he thinks that it is not enough, he may propose to extend the repayment period, which will lower our monthly financial burden. However, we must be aware that paying the loan longer, we will pay more interest in total. Why? Simply, our debt will be slower and the bank will continue to pay interest on it. Therefore, by choosing the length of loan repayment, we must consider whether we want to pay higher installments monthly and pay interest less or whether it can pay less each month, but in total give more money to the bank.

As we have already mentioned, during the repayment of debt, various things can happen in our lives. It may also worsen our financial situation. We may also have problems with the repayment of our monthly installments. Of course, this is not a perfect situation for us and most of us try to solve this problem in some way. One of the ways is to extend the repayment period. For if we spread the current debt into a larger number of installments, we will automatically reduce their amount. During financial problems, this situation can have a salutary effect for us, which will make the debt continue to be repaid on time. However, on the other hand, we must be aware that extending the loan repayment period will make it more expensive in total. Of course, if we have no choice, we should decide on such a step, but maybe it will be better to look for other solutions? What? For example, we can look for additional income to our home budget. Additional work (even several hours a week), lowering expenses (saving electricity, less frequent meals in the city), selling unnecessary things in our home are just examples of improving our income. Thanks to additional influences, we will have money for installments and we will not have to extend the repayment period.

It would seem that prolonging the repayment period is the best solution in case of financial problems. However, we must be aware that this is not an ideal solution and sometimes we should look for others. Thanks to this, we will pay off our loan earlier and pay less for it.

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The vast majority of us lead a peaceful and fairly normal life. We go to school, work, shop, go on vacation, etc. Rather, we do not think what will happen to our family, if God for one of my spouses, something happened. And let us assume such a hypothetical situation. Marriage, two children. Both husband and wife work and earn PLN 2000 net. They may not be a lot of money, but a peaceful life is enough. Marriage does not have much savings, because their income does not allow it. And one day, a man goes on a bicycle ride and dies in a car accident. A huge tragedy for the family. Pain, crying, many questions without hints. When the first shock is over, the wife begins to ask herself: “Where will I get the money for my life?” This is a very good question, because half of the income for the household budget disappears. And expenses are at a similar level. If the marriage is secured for such an accident, the wife goes to the drawer and draws a policy on the life that her husband bought. Sends the necessary documents to the insurance company, which transfers its money indicated in the policy. And he has resources for life. At least until everything is normal. And this is the great advantage of a life policy. It helps us in extremely difficult moments of our lives.

Is it worth to have a life insurance policy? Certainly yes, although first it involves costs, and secondly, not everyone has to have it. When it comes to costs, they are different and depend on many factors. First of all, on the amount it pays to our nearest insurance company. In addition, the age of the insured is of great importance as well as the period for which the policy is concluded. Certainly the products “attached” to the policy also affect the cost of the policy. This is primarily about investment products that are expected to bring more profits to us in the future. Are they worth buying? Everyone should answer this question himself. If we are only looking for security for our relatives – probably not worth it. When it comes to who does not have to have a life insurance policy, then it is certainly the lonely people who have no money to transfer, as well as those who have considerable savings.


Life insurance has virtually every insurance company in its offer. Their offers differ in many respects, so it’s worth getting acquainted with the topic before we decide to sign a contract. Thanks to this, it may turn out that our policy is not so expensive, and we will be sure that people closest to us will be financially secure.

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