What is the Framework Agreement?


Framework Agreement, is one of those concepts that we usually hear entrepreneurs mention, without them knowing for sure what it is or what implies that a provider participates in one. What is the Framework Agreement? How to participate in this? What requirements must be met to do it? In Molly Bloom, we tell you.

On many occasions we hear businessmen talk about the Framework Agreement. “That they are established in said agreement”, “that they want to register” or that “they will be registered in said agreement”. Information that many people do not handle. For the same reason, in this article we want to explain that and more. What are we talking about in concrete terms when we say Marco Convention?

First, and to put it in context, we will explain that the bids in the Framework Agreement consist of a purchase modality that seeks to reduce costs in the management of public purchases, with the intention that those goods that appear in the CompaPress catalog, and that have already been awarded in a tender, they should not be re-tendered each time a public body requires it, but they should be acquired in a simple and direct way through the catalog.

In summary, this modality is based on making the process of purchasing some products or services whose prices and purchase conditions have been established by bidding more dynamic and expeditious, within a defined period of time.

To achieve this dynamism and speed, the direction ChileCompra made available to government entities, an electronic catalog of products and services, allowing different agencies and public institutions to access each of them directly, in order to make a purchase order without intermediaries or external agents to the pre-tendered suppliers, considerably shortening the purchasing processes.

What does it mean for a provider to participate in a Framework Agreement?

What does it mean for a provider to participate in a Framework Agreement?

In exchange for providing this special online store for state entities, there is a requirement: every public entity, by regulation, is obliged to consult the electronic catalog (CompaPress) before calling any public, private or direct contract, without intermediaries.

Therefore, winning a Framework Agreement bid means having a direct sale to all public institutions, transforming into an unparalleled business opportunity for the entrepreneur.

In order for suppliers to participate in the Framework Agreement tenders, and thus to be able to upload products to the virtual store, each of them must be attentive to the calls for tender of framework agreements made regularly by the Purchasing Department.

Each time a tender is opened, whatever it may be, the Purchasing Office calls for informative and instructive meetings for optional assistance, where all interested suppliers can ask questions and resolve their doubts regarding the respective bidding process, whose purpose is to provide transparency to the same.

The calls and calls for bids are fully open. In it, suppliers from Santiago and from all over the country can participate. Those who obtain the best scores and valorizations, will have the benefit of integrating the catalog of products and services in the Framework Agreement. It is seen regularly that said bids are awarded to several suppliers of the same item. Thus, the virtual store offers more variety of brands, coverage and competition, which means that there is more chance of winning participation in a framework agreement tender than a regular public tender.

I want to be a registered provider in the Framework Agreement, how do I do it?

I want to be a registered provider in the Framework Agreement, how do I do it?

The Compapress publishes the bidding calls for the Framework Agreements in its different platforms. In these processes they can offer, products or services, all types of companies: from the smallest to the largest companies, regardless of their level of billing, time or place where they are, since suppliers from all regions of the country can participate .

If a company that has products or services wants to participate, it must register in the Market Public portal. Once enrolled, the next process is to stay informed about the dates of the new bidding calls. Once the call is clear, it can be postulated in agreement and framed to what is stipulated in the bidding rules.

Now that you know what a Framework Agreement is, you only have to win a bid to participate in one, remember that as in any public tender, you may be asked to guarantee the seriousness of the offer or faithful compliance with the contract, when that happens, we will be happy to help you.